2 New features of Magerun

I’m with fewer projects with Magento 1 at the lasted months, but when I saw this new tool I thinked “I need use this to improve my workflow”. It’s a Magerun plugin created by Hypernode that was updated and on this new version have two exciting features that will check if you have any module outdated installed, so show the most updated version, and check if you need to apply some official security patch all on your terminal using the CLI.

The plugin adds two new commands to your command list:


The command sys:modules:list-updates command checks your locally installed modules against a list of 500 community modules and prints all module which are outdated.

Magerun and Hypernode

The other command sys:info:patches prints all not applied official patches.

Magerun and Hypernode

I developed a group of alias called Dev Alias that I use on my workflow, so when I use this command below I get my magerun updated with all the best third-party plugins updated too (including this new feature).


Check the Dev Alias on Github.


If you want to install the Hypernode manually use these commands below.

mkdir -p ~/.n98-magerun/modules/
git clone https://github.com/Hypernode/hypernode-magerun.git ~/.n98-magerun/modules/hypernode-magerun

If you know another great plugin to magerun write on the comments or send me a Pull Request.